VW T5 Awning Rail with fitting by us

  • VW T5 Awning Rail with fitting by us
  • VW T5 Awning Rail with fitting by us
  • VW T5 Awning Rail with fitting by us

VW T5 Awning Rail with fitting by us

Awning Rail



Suitable for both SWB and LWB 

Please contact us before ordering your Awning Rail as Delivery is not included and is charged per mile

Suitable for T5s with Pop Top Roof and no gutter available.

In most cases, this rail can often be hidden underneath the roof so that it is out of sight when the roof is down. 

Why are Camper Essentials Rail?

At last, the perfect alternative to the very expensive VW or Reimo alternatives. This rail actually has advantages over these other two products, other than the price, in that it is so discreet at just 12mm x 12mm in profile which usually allows this rail to be hidden underneath the roof. This is proving to be very popular with many of my customers. 

This rail is a single piece of aluminium rail which is discreet and smart looking with chamfered ends to stop your awning being snagged. It is also in another league to some other options you may see which come in two sections or worse still which are just a J shaped piece of metal relying solely on getting the right tension on the Figure of 8 sections. 

Not only are they charging not much less for a completely unfinished rough, square ended rail, the Figure of 8s will come un-clipped on those other rails if it gets a bit windy… Not a problem with a Stralight Campers Rail as the beading on a sun canopy can be fed straight in, as can an awning if you don’t want to drive away or if intending to drive away, simply use the Kador Bead and Figure of 8 for the ultimate attachment that won’t come off even in stronger winds!

This rail is a far better option than messing around with suction cups and metal rods, clamp and pole systems or any other method with the risk of it blowing off and damaging your van or messing around with ropes and tying your awning over the top of your van and risking the ropes rubbing and scuffing your paintwork as well as not being very effective with a pop top. 

Here you have an alternative to the expense of Reimo, but with the same practicality and a discreet yet smart look, which will undoubtedly add value to your van and is all beautifully finished!

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